Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional face painter?

Yes, you will pay more for a professional face painter, but it is definitely worth the investment. I spend hours practicing my skills so that I can provide fast, high quality designs. I use top-quality FDA compliant theater make-up (face/ body paint) and cosmetic grade glitter.

What paints do you use?

Most of my “paints” are made by TAG, a company in Australia. Other professional paints I may use (now or in the future) are: Diamond FX, Snazaroo, Kryolan, Paradise, Wolfe, Mehron, and Ben Nye, FAB, Cameleon. These are all FDA compliant, professional cosmetics that are safe for use on skin. I will never use craft paint, tempura, acrylic paint or any materials not approved for use on skin. Materials information sheets are available for any products I use upon request. I only use cosmetic grade glitter and everything is safe to use on skin.

How far will you travel?

I’ll travel as far as San Miguel or Santa Ynez. Travel fees may apply, but I keep them very reasonable.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, in general I require a $50 deposit for private engagements.

What types of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal, checks, cash, major credit card, or Venmo. 

Would you consider donating your services to my organization?

This is really a hard one… It’s something I am frequently asked, and while I absolutely love contributing toward worthy causes, I must limit the amount of time I donate to charities. I choose several charities each year that are close to my heart, and I am not able to accept additional donated jobs at this time. However, I am willing to work for a reduced rate considering the organization and my schedule. Thanks for understanding!

How do I wash off the face paint?

Please see my “Removal Instructions” page here: http://facesbygina.com/removal-instructions

Are you a clown? Do you offer balloon twisting? Do you offer anything more than face painting?

I don’t dress in a clown suit or do balloon twisting. While there are many talented clowns, sometimes clowns that do face painting … well, let’s just say that their skill is mostly in the clowning, not the painting. I am not trained as a clown, magician or in showmanship. I am good with children and adults, friendly and kind but not quite as outgoing as is required to be a clown or entertainer.

What services do you offer?

I paint faces, arms, ankles, etc. and I also paint pregnant bellies, do body paint, apply temporary fun colors to hair.

What is your privacy Policy?

View it here: http://facesbygina.com/privacy-policy/