COVID Response

We are always concerned about the health and safety of the people we paint. We have always used only skin-safe hypoallergenic products and glitters that are safe for eyes. These paints have always had, and continue to have, an anti-bacterial component.

In the age of COVID, we have also implemented a few new procedures. We now use a skin-safe antibacterial cleaner in our water containers. Brushes are cleaned first in a “dirty water” container with the cleaner, then cleaned again in second container of water which also has the anti-bacterial cleaner, and may be repeated with a third. We always use this procedure on each brush or tool between clients (anyone being face painted.) We either use newly clean sponges for each client or, on occasion, will spray sponges with an anti-bacterial liquid in between clients.

As far as face coverings, we will use masks and/or face shields while painting. Most of our face shields are the safest available because they cover to behind the ears on the sides and to under the chin at the bottom. In most cases, face masks will be used in accordance with the state and county recommendations. However, face shields might be substituted for the masks or worn in addition.

Face painters are required to have clean hands before starting to paint. wipes and hand sanitizer many be used in between clients if necessary.

Clients are never allowed to touch or stand over the paints or other equipment. Parents or other guests must stand at least 3 feet from the painter and client, preferably 6 feet. We will have 6 foot markers of where to stand in line if possible and advised by state or county officials.

We reserve the right to refuse to paint sick people with a runny nose, cough, sneezing, or fever.

Thank you for your understanding. We are so happy to be able to paint at gatherings again! 😃